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Who We Are

Africa Invest Network showcases the gifts and natural talents of Africans, with the hope of attracting investors that can help them achieve their "financial" dreams. We do this by encouraging them to provide the information we need to help set them on their path to financial independence, by linking them with investors worldwide. Our vision is to turn Africans from "Consumers" to "Manufacturers", from "Buyers" to "Sellers", and from "Dependents" to "Independents". We help African investment seekers present their Business Plans or Cost-Benefit Analysis to the people with the money to help them, and our objective is to create 5.4 million good paying jobs across Africa by 2035 (an average of 10,000 new, good paying jobs per country).
The Africa Invest Network Advantage 
 "Africa Invest Network" is a unique company established 
to bring serious investors face to face with serious investment seekers from Africa without having to go through unnecessary requirements, gridlocks and drama, common in many banks and investment companies today. We perform  extensive analysis on all investment requests, and every Business Plan to determine its viability and business worthiness. We physically visit every investment seeker to determine their level of competence and preparedness. In all cases, we run local and international criminal background checks to ensure that neither our investors nor our investment seekers are dealing with criminals, organized criminal gangs and scam artists. 

Tell us about your natural gifts or talents and your visions
Whether you have a College (University) degree or not, whether you are a naturally gifted athlete, entertainer, an academic genius, or a business-savvy entrepreneur in the making, if you are an African (natural born or naturalized), Africa Invest Network gives you the opportunity to tell the world (especially those that have the money to help you) what you are capable of achieving. Click on "Forms & Disclosures", and upload your Business Plan or profile today. We will find you an investor or sponsor. The world is a smaller place now. No more excuses and no one to blame for failing to reach your full potentials in life. 
Explore the new financial frontier. Get a piece of Africa before others get everything.
Investment Seekers:
Time waits for no one.
Stop dreaming.
Stop talking.
Most investors will spend their lives talking about the enormous opportunities in Africa, while others (like the Chinese) will begin working towards becoming part of that opportunity, before it vanishes. 
With a good return on investments, "Africa Investment" is the new business phrase in everyone's mind. We encourage investors worldwide to take a look at the business plans submitted by serious African Investment seekers on our website. It is time to invest in Africa before others get everything.
Start Something!
All great achievers will tell you that "nothing comes from dreaming but dreams, and nothing comes from talking but talk". Africa Invest Network urges you to "Stop dreaming", "Stop talking", and  make your move: 
Clock in Station
Elephant Herd
To schedule a Consultation, please click on the image
Masai People in Zanzibar Tanzania
Masai Warriors in Zanzibar, Tanzania

                                                       Covid-19 (Corona Virus) Update
There's been an emergence of a new Covid-19 variant named BA.2.86, or "Pirola". Here at Africa Invest Network, we understand that Covid may be here for sometime to come. We are closely monitoring its developments, and would like to assure everyone that it is safe to do business with us, and for those clients who don't feel comfortable coming into our offices, virtual meetings using "Zoom" is highly welcome.

Covid 19
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